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Popcorn Time the Free Netflix?


Netflix has gained so much popularity over the last 5 years and primarily due to it’s exclusive series.  However, the Netflix service can cost almost $9 a month for the low end subscription.  To some people this is just too much to set aside just to watch a few movies and tv shows each month.  This results in searching the internet for ways to watch their favorite movies and shows online for free.

As you know already, I know of many websites and alternatives to do just that.  But when I found Popcorn Time I was excited I heard so many good things about it and it’s ease of use compared to other applications like Kodi.  You just download it, open it, pick a tv show or movie and before you know it, you are absorbed into a pixel perfect abyss.  Now that is not to discredit the Kodi software.  It is a great software for the more advanced user.

Offering up to 1080p quality, Popcorn Time is packed with movies and TV shows that will keep you entertained forever.  But how does it work exactly?


Movies, TV shows and Anime are streamed through popular torrent sites like Yify and Kickass.  According to the Popcorn Time website, the videos are saved to a temporary folder on your computer and are removed upon restart.  So to avoid sharing videos, a restart may be required.

Some options include but are not limted to:

  • VPN connection login for those who feel more comfortable using the software outside of their own connection for legal purposes
  • Torrent collection that allows you to download torrents directly from Kickass and stream them through the application
  • Favorites list that allows you to like or favorite videos to be saved in a separate list for later viewing
  • Watchlist that allows you to sync your TractTV account and watch shows that you like much like a DVR


I am running Popcorn Time on my new Quantum Byte mini PC with flawless results.  It has built in WiFi and makes the perfect mini home theater PC.  I also picked up a Rii i8 mini wireless keyboard with a built in mouse pad.  These two paired together make quite and awesome Popcorn Time machine!

As always, be sure to follow copyright laws and know your local laws!  Enjoy!